Bourgogne Aventure

Your Morgan car for a weekend

chateau saint fargeau

The Saint Fargeau castle with the Morgan cars of Bourgogne Aventure

Freedom in a Morgan car!

Head south of Paris, via the A6 exit no. 18 at KM 126, it’s already Burgundy: Get into your Morgan car for a weekend and share a pleasure in crew on the roads of the region. Your guide will welcome you and take the time to install you and accompany you during your stay. On board his Morgan, he will lead you on a chosen itinerary, without fast lanes or monotonous straight lines.

The passage of the Branlin in a Morgan car, with Bourgogne Aventure on the way to Guédelon

The Saint Fargeau castle and its rich history...

The Morgan should not make you forget the other points of interest of this weekend and they are important. Wine tourism, with cellar visits and tastings, especially in Chablis. The vineyards on the slopes that go down and then up the other side.

A preserved hilly and shaded countryside where cows graze. Villages in which one would like to stop.  The beautiful houses and castles that we discover and where we stop, in order, for a guided tour, like the Saint Fargeau castle (photo 1 above).  A rich heritage to discover. A magnificent hotel with its renowned Spa, and to finish, a dinner in the 2 Michelin stars restaurant. If cumulating all the themes and visits is difficult on a weekend, as for a good wine, a harmonious assembly is appreciated.

To drive your Morgan car for a weekend of two, four or six, in a crew of two, jump in now. The Branlin ford (photo 2 above) is still passable, the winemakers available, and the guide fresh and alert.

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Photo credit: @Cécile Gabriel