Bourgogne Aventure

Travelers Tips

The essentials for your road trip in Morgan’s auto

During spring and summer, we advise you to bring your favourite sunglasses, sunscreen and a well-fitting cap or hat you can tie. In cooler seasons, bring warm clothing so that you can still enjoy an open roof and the rays of the sunshine. When you book your getaway, you’ll receive a practical guide with all our advice for your stay in Burgundy.

We provide a kit including two bottles of water, a cleaning product for glasses and a plaid for the passenger. We advise to leave long headscarves and scarves at home for safety reasons.

During your journey, you will travel in a line of no more than 7 vehicles, accompanied by your guide in his Morgan. The simple rules of safety and common sense will be explained to you by your guide on arrival. Just like the horses under the bonnet, your pets can be part of the journey.


Questions / Answers

To make your stay easier, here are a few questions and answers to help you prepare for your future getaway.

Our agency is about 150 km from Paris by car. You can also reach us by train from Joigny station, where we will be delighted to welcome you. Our partner hotels also have a heliport.

Our address: 5, rue des Entrepreneurs, 89300 Joigny, France

Our escapades generally start between 8.30 and 9 am. This is an opportunity for us to meet up, give you our recommendations for the Morgans and, of course, enjoy a cup of coffee before you set off.

The day finishes at around 6.30 – 7 pm. Debriefing back at the base at the end of the day over a snack.

Yes, and we recommend it so that you can enjoy your getaway at your leisure and avoid the problems associated with getting to our base on the same day. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we have close links with a number of hotels that we can book for you.

Bourgogne Aventure currently has 7 Morgan cars, so the maximum number of people, including your guide, will be 12 (6 cars of 2 people each).

Our escapades with our guide are maintained with a minimum of two people.

Yes, of course, we have several colours: green, red, orange, ivory or blue… But the choice is subject to availability on the day of booking.

We can offer you the date of your choice (subject to availability). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You must be over 21 and hold a valid driving licence in France. The only requirement for getting to grips with your Morgan is the ability to drive a manual gearbox.

When making contact, we ask each participant for their preferences, so that we can take their eating habits into account. 

Yes, our concept is that you don’t have to worry about a thing, your guide manages the itinerary, your pace, the visits, the lunches and your desires…

The “Great Burgundy” Escapade includes 2 nights in a star-rated hotel. If you wish to stay in two different hotels, simply let us know when you make your booking request.

With reservations, as access to the Morganx is complicated (the car is very low and cramped for a disabled person), but we will do everything we can to find a solution.

Not really, if you’re no taller than 2 metres.

If you’re on your own and want to go on one of our escapades, there’s no need to worry. Just get in touch with us.

As long as they don’t drive and respect the basic rules (seatbelts, etc.), they are perfectly welcome and will have a great time with their hair blowing in the wind… We have a 4-seater Morgan.

The Morgan can accommodate up to two people, so if you’re on your own it may be possible as long as your pet is used to being transported.

Everything can be customised. Seminars, conventions, team building, groups of friends, families… We’ll adapt to your needs! Don’t hesitate to contact us to define your project so that we can best meet your expectations.

As indicated in the previous point, everything can be customised. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll look at it together.

Let’s not forget that our Morgans come from a country famous for its frequent rain. All you have to do is switch back on, and when the rain stops you can easily remove the soft top and get back into your convertible, all the while retaining your ‘so British’ phlegm, and you’re on your way.

Our payment policy is as follows: 40% on booking and 60% 30 days before arrival.

If the traveller(s) find themselves obliged to cancel their trip, they must inform BOURGOGNE AVENTURE by any written means, allowing for acknowledgement of receipt, as soon as the event giving rise to the cancellation occurs. The date of issue of the written document will be taken as the date of cancellation for the purposes of invoicing cancellation fees. In the event of cancellation by you (for whatever reason), the standard cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:

  • More than 15 days before arrival: 100% refund of the sums paid by the traveller, except for the booking fee (€120)
  • Between 15 days and 72 hours before arrival: 30% of the total cost of the trip will be retained, including booking fees.
  • Less than 72 hours before arrival: 50% of the total cost of the trip will be retained, including booking fees.

Cancellation clause :

  • In the event of a “no show”, 100% of the total cost of the trip will be retained, booking fees included.
  • Bourgogne Aventure reserves the right to cancel the trip, particularly in the event of bad weather, and will offer a 100% refund, including booking fees, or reschedule the trip.

Yes, of course, you can take out cancellation insurance at a cost of 75 euros per person. Please note that this insurance must be taken out at the time of booking and no later than one month before the date of your stay.



Tours and Activities

During your road trip in Morgan, you will cross the most beautiful landscapes of the region: Joigny, the sleeping beauty, the dark cellars of Bailly, Abbeys in reconversion, Irancy, the forgotten Burgundy, Chablis and its wines, Vézelay, the eternal hill, the mysterious chasm of Tonnerre, Guedelon, the medieval madness, Auxerre, the restless one, castles in private visit…

Your guide, an expert of the region, will take you on a tour of Burgundy and give you an exceptional experience in Morgan. 

During your escapade, enjoy a country lunch prepared by one of our partner caterers. Delicious and refined dishes on a white tablecloth to be savoured in an unusual place. 

grapes, wine grapes, purple grapes-1952035.jpg

Wine tasting

The parcels of vines are called “climat” in Burgundy and express a geological terroir and a situation depending on whether they are placed on a slope or with a particular exposure. Burgundy wines are classified in 4 categories, regional appellation Bourgogne, Village, 1er Cru and Grand Cru. In the Yonne they extend geographically from Chablis to Irancy, passing through the Tonnerrois, the Jovinien and the Grand Auxerrois.

We suggest you try a Morgan while visiting Chaix and its authentic vineyards to meet talented winemakers. 

If you fall under the spell of one of these nectars, we can handle the logistics of your orders for delivery to your home.